one day at a time

okay one choice at a time. what do you want to do with your life? when do you know what to do with your life? cuz seriously, i don’t know.

i made a choice, and i thought i saw myself doing it every day again.. but no.. it’s different, maybe a sign that i didn’t choose right.. maybe better for me. wow, i really don’t know.

so i prepared myself, one step at a time.. one day at a time. i’m doing it my way (like Frank, Elvis and the rest)




As i woke up this morning, happy as a little child. it’s Easter!

i feel like Christmas that exciting. Eventhough.. we don’t search for eggs (an old Dutch tradition) or we don’t have a Easter Bunny that visits us. just have breakfast, eat chocolate eggs all day today and tomorrow.

and then Easter is over… we don’t think about it till next year, when the chocolate eggs and the bunny’s are to be found in a store and you say.. Oh! it’s almost Easter.

and still i feel like that 4 year old child. maybe it has something to do with my love for kids.. or maybe it’s just that it feels so goddamn comfortable to have breakfast with the people that live next to you. to just sit and eat in your PJ’s and love the smell of fresh baked croissants and tea..

that feeling, and then we didn’t even thought about why we celebrate this funny Bunny and the eggs.. what’s the story behind it?

we all know, and yet we don’t all think about that.


a start of something new

hi, that’s quite a chance.. did something i normally would never do! I just changed how i wanted to be in something i am!   A dreamer. you never know how things will end up, so.. therefore, DREAM!  and you got to do it as big as you can. you can follow this blog, if you want to know how just a normal kid, gets trough the day.

cuz really? where do you dream of when u get up?